TreeSong Day 2

Hundreds of visitors came to the tree today and their comments to our volunteers were overwhelmingly enthusiastic: “phenomenal”, “amazing”, “an amazing, unexpected blessing”. Comments from the visitors book are typed out below.

Kathy Hinde shared this short video of the project on Twitter

TreeSong received a huge amount of coverage in the national press, much of which focuses on the funding given to Bristol Ensemble for the entire project, and the lack of nuts from the tree. The nutlessness presents no problems as this has been known about for some time and the project has been designed around other features of the tree and its environment – including movement of its branches, the wind, falling leaves, to give visitors a truly immersive experience. When the wind picks up you can not only feel it but see and hear it through the sound produced from the tree. Truly unique, and as our visitors told us, ethereal, creative, thought-provoking, relaxing, inspired.

BBC Radio Five Live’s Peter Allen described the project as “Well worth a listen” following his interview with Roger Huckle, artist Jony Easterby and Bristol 2015’s Andrew Garrard on 5 Live Daily today. The interview begins at 1 hour, 39 minutes and 19 seconds here


The funding is spent on the entire project which includes the build of the structure, the four day period open to the public, and then the creation of a 15-minute classical work and its performance. Added to that are numerous costs associated with the project and its 9-month planning stages: the solar power unit which provides power for the sound system and other needs on site; security to protect the site overnight; a small cabin for the security guard and to store materials during the build and public opening period; marketing, design and website costs; print and distribution of flyers, printing on-site signage and other publicity; the materials for the installation itself; small press advertisements in the Bristol Magazine and Bristol Life magazine; project management costs; insurance; composition of the classical work; a contribution to the costs of the concert which is also being covered by orchestra funds and ticket sales.


Visitors’ comments written in the book:

What a wonderful idea.

What a great idea – very relaxing

A fascinating experience

Humbling, soothing. Bringing tree to life.

How clever! What a fab idea. Soothing and comforting.

We are so lucky in Bristol to have such creative things happening. A real delight.

Eerie, enchanting and amazing.

Very ethereal! National news – wrong again. Great idea, and an exciting project. Look forward to the concert.

Inspired! Truly wonderful – haven’t experienced anything like this since we had a ‘sound bath’ at the ‘Integratron’ in California – look forward to the concert!

Great experience! Hope it encourages knowledge of trees.

Brilliant idea. Who thought of all this working together. Different from every side too. It also attracts ladybirds – 100s. Scientific help for ladybirds.

Another first for Bristol. Marvellous.

Ladybugs like the music.

Absolutely beautiful experience at one with nature. Excellent idea. Would enjoy the ed if possible.

Really lovely afternoon here, loved the tree and natural music. Very relaxing. Would love the CD.


Incredible! What an imaginative idea! Cannot wait to see how this turns out 🙂

I thought I would never see a bona fide singing tree

Great project! Eerie and ethereal sounds like that of an ambient sci fi movie. Really interesting take on the wind harp. I’ll come back when it’s more windy.

Wonderful – it it’s best sense.

Just amazing. Fantastic and beautiful. Ethereal and haunting. Just so good. Well done.

Amazing music. Spooky eerie sounds. Really interesting and thought provoking.

Amazing – well done!

Well tree I hope you’re feeling honoured and special. I love your songs – thank you! x

The music of the trees – reminds me of the music of the spheres. Glorious project – feels like touching eternity.

It is amazing and really clever how you are able to put them in the right place (visitor, age 8)

It is so in

Incredible – well done.

I think it’s clever.

It is very peaceful and clever.

It’s enjoyable.

It’s very peaceful and beautiful. Lovely idea.

Ignore the Torygraph.