TreeSong Day 4

A beautiful day dawned for the final day of the TreeSong sound installation on the Downs with bright sunshine and more wind creating a host of hypnotic sounds.


The composer William Goodchild has published a blog post about the project, which can be found here

From today’s visitors’ comments:

Brilliant concept – cuts through the hurly-burly of busy lives. Turn the nature up more!

Wonderful – what an imaginative inspired idea – great way to re-see, re-hear, re-experience nature.

Really relaxing to listen to 🙂

Inspired me to feel my inner peace 🙂

An amazing effort to bring the tree to life. Well done everyone is intrigued by the wonderful sounds.

Eerie sounds – wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it. Fascinating.

What a great way of making people think more deeply about the hidden sounds of music. Can’t wait to hear Will Goodchild’s new composition.

How thought provoking! Just what an art installation should be.

Love trees and however relaxing and weird this project is I am trying to justify in my mind if it is £37,000 of grant money well spent. How many trees would this have planted if used differently?

I found it touching. Thanks.

A beautiful idea!

Should definitely in some form be a permanent installation

Haunting, ethereal, spacey. I love treesong.

I like it, it’s very soothing and it makes me feel like I am an animal up in the tree.

I really like it, it makes a sound that sounds like when I’m on an aeroplane. Emily

Drove from Canterbury in Kent to see the singing tree. Actually came to see my sister but loved it 🙂

What no plastic whale? Awesome…

An immersive and interesting experience… sounded very eerie!

What a lovely experience – ta!

Awesome – thank you my beloved Bristol! xx

It was so fascinating to hear the music, as being in an orchestra I can imagine how good it will sound. An amazing idea xxx

I love this idea – the connection between life (tree) & sound is so appealing. Keep going!

Really innovative! I can’t wait to hear the music – the “Can I help?” lady was lovely too – great volunteer!

Can’t imagine how this was conceptualised. Well done, it’s rather lovely, eerie.