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Charlie Groves

Charlie is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter who has been in the Preludes Music team since it started in 2009. She had been looking for ways to make music but also teach and encourage others and working with Penny Rawlings in the early days of the project inspired him to hone his teaching skills and aim and follow her example.

He learned piano and violin as a child and played in school orchestras. He was always drawn to playing a variety of instruments and making up his own tunes and songs. He studied Geography at University but spent most of his time there following musical pursuits and playing guitar in various bands. In his twenties and thirties, Charlie worked as a church music director in London and in Cape Town, South Africa.

Charlie currently works for Preludes Music as a class and instrument group leader as well as composing his own songs and instrumental music. He works with other music projects that provide musical input in various under-represented settings. Outside of work he enjoys cycling and cooking anything spicy.