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Ebony Tunnicliffe

Ebony was one of the first students to be taught by Preludes Music, and rejoined as a tutor in 2022. After helping with many holiday clubs and concerts, she knew she wanted to help fuel childrens passion for music, just as Preludes Music did with her. Ebony plays piano and cello, but singing has always been her favourite!

Ebony’s musical journey started at 4, with her first lesson from the Preludes Music team. From there on, Ebony took every opportunity that came her way. She learnt the cello and played in the school orchestra. She joined the school choir, and performed in many venues such as Bristol Beacon and St George’s Bristol. Anywhere she could play or sing, she did! That continued for years after: she learnt the piano and worked heavily on being a vocalist. Now after rediscovering Preludes Music, she delivers whole class lessons and runs a choir whilst teaching vocal lessons and working on her own music!

Beyond teaching, Ebony loves to spend time with her friends and family, whether that’s dancing, having a jam, exploring a forest or watching a good film; she’s up for any and every adventure!