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Holly Greenwood-Rogers

Holly plays the horn and has been working as a brass teacher for Preludes Music since 2022. She strongly believes that all children should be able to experience and learn about music and reap the benefits that come with it! She feels very privileged to play a part within Preludes Music, in giving children access to learning music.

Holly was born and raised to the south of Bristol in North Somerset and went on to study music (BA) at Durham University and a masters in performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Holly works in an array of music related jobs, including her work with Preludes Music. She works in Learning and Participation at St George’s Bristol; for the North Somerset music charity, Churchill Music, with whom she also runs the Power of Music project in schools, and plays and teaches the horn. Holly also works for an educational publisher working on materials for GCSE and A level music.

When Holly is not doing something music related, she loves spending time with family and friends and also enjoys swimming, art and trying to grow some of her own food (with varying degrees of success)!